1. We do not normally give a refund on a confirmed entry unless a death or hospitalization has occurred (Proof is needed) due to the nature of the industry. Refund requests will, however, be dealt with on their own merits. Please note that we may charge a reasonable cancellation fee if the refund request is approved. Any refunds made, will be paid within 30 calendar days.
  2. The event will take place regardless of bad weather and will only be cancelled, re-routed or stopped for reasons of safety. The events are outdoor, and weather, flooding, fire and outdoor elements cannot be predicted by the organiser. The race director, therefore, has the right to stop the race at any time and his/her decision will be final. This will be for your own safety. If the race for the day has to be stopped during the race for reasons beyond the control of the organiser, the participant will not be entitled to a refund.
  3. All photographic or video material of participants made by the organisers or their assignees during any activity deemed to be part of the event shall be free for use by the organisers in any matter relating to the event at any time in the present or future.
  4. All entrants must sign an indemnity form – legal guardians must sign for minors
  5. Entries are only confirmed once proof of payment is received. For pre-entries, payment is to be made before pre-entry date closes or it will be deemed as a late entry and late entry fees will apply.
  6. Right of admission reserved at all Vine to Valley events. The organisers can refuse entry for medical reasons or otherwise at their own discretion.
  7. Vine to Valley short distances are untimed and purely fun trails for 2019
  8. Only the runs above 10km are timed
  9. The First 10 runners to complete every run will receive a winners medal


  1. Every participant shall run carefully and with due regard to the safety of other runners and other trail users.
  2. Every participant shall immediately comply with the instructions of a marshal, official and/or a traffic officer.
  3. Every participant shall provide information requested by any marshal immediately
  4. A participant may not use a personal music system (iPod or other) or a radio communication device, including a cellular phone, whilst taking part in the event.
  5. A participant shall not use foul or offensive language to his/her fellow runners or to any marshal.
  6. A participant shall not dispose of any litter along the course except in refuse bins.
  7. A participant may not start or attempt to start before his/her designated start.
  8. A participant shall provide reasonable assistance to any other participant involved in an accident while participating in the event.
  9. Children under 10 must be accompanied by an adult at all times
  10. Further to rules above, as this is a fun event, the organisers retain the right not to enter into a dispute of a competitive nature
  11. It is the participant’s responsibility to ensure they carry enough liquid on the route, a windshield jacket and basic emergency equipment and emergency contact number.
  12. In the event of a medical emergency, the organizing bodies/authorities will use their discretion and follow procedures deemed necessary for evacuation and /or medical assistance thereof; for the account of the injured party.


IMBA’s “Rules of the Trail” promote responsible, courteous conduct on shared-use trails:

  1. Wet, muddy trails are vulnerable to damage, so consider other options. Stay on existing trails, avoid cutting switchbacks and pack out at least as much as you pack in.
  2. Yield to Others: Let trail users know you’re coming – a friendly greeting or ring of a bell work well – and anticipate as you round corners.
  3. Never Scare Animals: Give animals enough room and time to adjust. When passing horses, use special care and follow directions from the horseback riders.
  4. Plan Ahead: Know your equipment, your ability and the area. Strive to be self-sufficient: keep equipment in good repair and carry supplies for changes in conditions.